Download and complete the Seasonal Site Application form below:

> To be added to the Waiting List for a Seasonal Site

> To apply for a Seasonal Site (purchasers of a trailer in our park located on a seasonal site)

Waiting List – To be placed on the waiting list, please fill out the application form and submit. We reserve the right to consider at our discretion (without malice or prejudice) to select from the available applications in random order to fill the open sites in our campground. Sites are assigned based on availability, logistics and demographic. If you are contacted that a site has come available, you have the right to refuse the site and remain on the list until the end of the calendar year. If no site has come available, you may reapply the following year. Applications will expire at the end of each calendar year.

Seasonal Trailers Purchased – Seasonal Sites must be applied for and are not transferable, can not be included in the sale of any trailer. New owners (purchasers) of a trailer located on a seasonal site at Shady Pines must fill out the application form to apply for that site, and be approved. Trailers that have reached the maximum age restriction (20 years) must leave the park when sold.

Seasonal Site Application web

Seasonal Site Application

INSTRUCTIONS: Open the form and complete the information. Click “Print” button to print a copy of the form.

Click “SUBMIT” to send the completed form to Shady Pines Campgrounds. Thank you for your application. 

****Applications will be kept on file until the end of each calendar year. ****

One application accepted per year