2024 Seasonal Campers

Welcome back, Shady Pines’ Seasonal Campers! We’ve been busy while you’ve been away. Renovations at the lodge, new flooring, doors, new sidewalks. We welcome back our amazing staff from last year, plus a new face or two on staff. 

When you arrive, please submit the documents listed below in red. 

  • Read all the documents above, as some things may have changed.
  • It is your responsibility to know the rules, policies, and terms & conditions of the campground; and to share the information with your children, other occupants and guests. 
  • Gate keys will be turned on once fees have been paid and the required documents submitted. Gate card access is turned off each fall on Oct 30. 
  • If you require new gate cards, they are $25 each card (non-refundable/non-transferable). 
  • Golf carts may not be driven on the grounds until the electrical fee has been paid and a 2024 registration sticker has been obtained. Place the sticker on the DRIVER’S side of the cart. All golf carts must display site numbers not less than 3″ in height on BOTH sides of the cart. 
  • Camping Season runs from May 1st to October 20, 2024.