The Ontario Government and the Health Unit have given us the go ahead that we can OPEN for seasonal campers for access to their trailers, including staying overnight when Stage One officially rolls out on TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2020. Common areas remain closed. Activities are cancelled.

Office Hours: Tues-Thurs 10-3, Fri -Sat 9-7, Sun 10-5.

SOCIAL DISTANCING 2 m / 6′ apart for those not of the same address.

GATHERINGS are limited to 5 people.

MAXIMUM of 5 people in the store including in the lounge entry.

* CAMPERS, BE FOREWARNED! * Bylaw Officers, Health Inspectors and the OPP will be randomly coming through the park at all hours, any weekday or weekend, to check if campers are complying with social distancing and group size. They have the right to ask for ID, to confirm campers are from the same household. There will be 0 tolerance for offenders, hefty fines of $1000 could be imposed PER PERSON. Remember, COVID-19 HAS NOT GONE AWAY, in spite of the reopenings. Use common sense and follow these rules, OR please stay at home. It’s your choice.

The Bylaw Officer has had a tour of the park and commended us on the health and safety procedures that Shady Pines has put in place for our staff and campers. We want to work with them to ensure the next outbreak is NOT because of something we’ve overlooked or our campers have inadvertently done. Campers’ cooperation is not only appreciated – it’s necessary – in order for the campground to remain open.

  • Campers, download the Seasonal Contract here: SEASONAL CONTRACT 2020. Complete 1 copy and bring with you when you come to the campground, or email to This is required before entry to the grounds.
    • If you have people listed on your contract who live at a different addresses, they may come for the day, as long as you maintain social distancing while on your site…. BUT are NOT allowed to stay overnight in your unit, because its impossible to social distance in a trailer.
    • The bylaw officer has confirmed if you are the primary caregiver/ co-primary caregiver for someone listed on your contract, they will be able to stay in your unit with you overnight. (signed waiver is required)

  • CODE OF CONDUCT 2020. It is very important that you read through the Code of Conduct (and share with all family members) which is designed to give directions for how things will work this year, following the guidelines as set out by the Government of Ontario, and the Health Unit, and allow our campgrounds to operate.

  • Gate cards will be activated when all documents and payment have been submitted.

Campers, download the SEASONAL FEES 2020 INCLUDING A SABBATICAL OPTION 2020. We have extended the regular season until OCTOBER 30, starting the season on May 19. For your convenience, e-transfers can be made to It’s IMPORTANT to include your NAME and LOT# in the message of the e-transfer, to ensure the funds are applied to the correct account.