Annual registration is MANDATORY for all golf carts on Shady Pines property. Registration includes payment of the annual charging fee and proof of insurance. A golf cart sticker will be provided as proof of registration.

  • All golf carts must be registered and display:
    • Annual SPC sticker on driver’s side of cart
    • Owner’s site number a minimum of 3 inches/ 8 cm in height on BOTH sides of the cart
  • Only electric golf carts are permitted.
  • Speed limit is 10 km everywhere on Shady Pines property. Golf carts can reach speeds in excess of 20 km. How fast is 10 km? About the speed of an average person just jogging. Take your foot off the gas and SLOW DOWN!   
  • Drivers must be 16 years of age, have adequate training and drive responsibly.
  • Do not drive while impaired. No open alcohol or recreational drug use allowed while driving or riding on a golf cart.
  • Riders must have a proper seat and remain seated when cart is in motion. No standing while the cart is moving!
  • If you have dogs riding on your cart, be sure they remain on the cart at all times.
  • After dusk, headlights are required. Homemade lighting is not acceptable.  
  • After 11 p.m, golf carts are not permitted to be driven around the park.
  • Owners of the golf cart are responsible for the actions and activity of any person driving/riding on their cart and will be held liable if misuse or injury should occur.


Shady Pines Campgrounds reserves the right to revoke golf cart privileges, to impound or have golf carts removed from the campground.